Yin-building Retreat (women’s)

Most women in today’s fast-paced society are SO depleted. Whether it be from working too hard, birthing and nursing babies, taking care of kids and households, running businesses or just playing too hard in our youths–most women are exhausted. Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning to “start another day”, do you feel like there is just “too much to do in one day”, do you wish you could sleep without someone or something waking you up? If yes, this retreat is for you. I wanted this get-away to be as affordable as possible to allow women an easy way to invest in themselves and their life-force energy. Come rest and renew yourself–it will change your life. If you don’t want to get out of bed–don’t! 

When: May 12-18, 2018foodcollage1

Where: Rodanthe, NC (Outerbanks, oceanviews)

Investment: $600 shared room, $800 private room (max: 9 women)

What’s provided?

Sample Itinerary Day 1:   food1

  • 8:30am Equilibrium Diet Breakfast (Grass-fed hamburgers with goat cheese, sprouts and stir-fried veggies)
  • 9:30am Optional Morning Check-in
  • 1pm Lunch–Chicken Enchilada with all the fixings
  • 4-5pm Grounding Meditation
  • 6pm Dinner–Gluten-free pasta with homemade veggie sauce

Details: Arrive late May 12 in time for our welcome dinner. After dinner we will begin with a brief grounding meditation introduction. All meals during the week are included–breakfasts and lunches are protein-packed leaving most people too satisfied to even eat dinner, but dinner is provided too. Learn about the Equilibrium diet in brief 10-minute intervals throughout the week before each meal and do nothing and lay on the beach the rest of the time! The beach is 4 houses in front of the property; we’ll have ocean-views, ocean sounds and ocean smells. Leave anytime May 18, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

What is the Equilibrium Diet and why are we eating like this?

The Equilibrium Diet is the most efficient way i have found to bring body, mind and soul back into balance and turn up a person’s power to the max. If you want energy, health, power, autonomy, self-love, or balance–this is the best lifestyle. This is a super mineral-rich and building diet. I won’t be feeding you organ meats (though they are highly recommended on the diet), but each recipe I have created helps to support and heal patterns both in the body and in the psyche–many of the recipes came to me in dreams about specific issues.

Why I offer this?

I first went for a week away by myself last October. I was creatively exhausted–to the point I didn’t even realize what was “wrong”, I felt so guilty leaving my two little kids and partner to just go “lay on a beach for 6 days”…but a part of me knew I needed to do it. And when I got to the beach, I cried because my kids weren’t with me; but then that night I realized after having a dream about it, that the total exhaustion and guilt I was feeling, and that a lot of women feel, is one way of keeping women depleted and dependent on social patterns. Each day I was there, I felt stronger and stronger, most days I got out of bed just to go lay on the beach and get back in bed. It was a week where I didn’t have to worry about taking care of anyone else, the first time that had happened for me in at least 6 years and maybe ever. After being there in the Outer Banks and its ruggedness, I wanted every women who needed rest, to have somewhere to go to rejuvenate. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be a safe space held with the intention of renewing oneself. Each time I go away by myself, I get fresh clarity, new energy and creativity for my path, and just feel better about myself.


Questions/Sign-ups: 13katiegrace@gmail.com

After payment is received you will receive a welcome email with an intro, directions, address and what to pack!