Equilibria Juice Fast Retreat (women’s)

Drink up and get ‘er done! Join us for a whole new kind of party!

Fasting can be FUN! Fasting provides health, clarity, energy, a new outlook on life and major breakthroughs! There is a LOT that happens during a fast and I am here in this retreat to walk you through every step of it. Our liquid drinks will be ordered to best support healthy blood-sugar levels and the daily grounding meditation will work directly on our relationship with food, ourselves, and our energetic and physical space. All you have to do is lay on the beach, relax, meditate and let nature takes its course–I provide everything you need for 6 full days of fasting plus teach you the tricks to easy, hunger-free fasting that you can do at home!

green lemonadeWhen: April 26-May 2, 2018

Where: Rodanthe, NC (Outerbanks, oceanviews)

Investment: $600 shared room, $800 private room

What’s provided?

Sample Itinerary    food1

  • 8-9am “Breakfast broths”
  • 9:30am Light yoga or beach time
  • 10:30am Fasting Tips/Techniques
  • 12-2pm “Lunch juices and broths”
  • 4-5:30pm Grounding Meditation for cravings
  • 6pm “Dinner Juices”
  • 8pm Various Movies include: Cloud Atlas, The Matrix, Iron Jawed Angels

Details: Arrive late April 26 to get settled in with a meditation introduction. Begin fasting Friday, April 27 and the last full day of the fast will be May 2. Guests can leave late on May 2, or after a “break fast” meal on May 3. There is a hot tub onsite but it is chlorinated.

What is special about this fast?

The environment. My first fast in 2010 was brutal at first–I did everything wrong which made it painful! Especially for my poor husband who was going through caffeine withdrawals at the same time. I kept at it though and I saw the benefits and how much faster my health was improving compared to my husband who was not fasting as much. Over the last seven years, I have developed a great program that makes fasting easy and, typically–hunger-free. The grounding meditation that we do is taught live by me and is very effective in making the changes of the fast, permanent. The meditation is incredibly efficient, like all things I do! It teaches you how to claim your space which really gives every individual whatever it is she most needs at the time.

When possible, the beef and chicken bone broths are made from NC-local never-vaccinated organic free-range beef/chicken bones. All fruit and veggie juices are fresh pressed using a masticating Omega juicer.

Questions/Sign-ups: 13katiegrace@gmail.com

After payment is received you will receive a welcome email with pre-fast tips, intro, directions, address and what to pack!