“Why not eat this way?”

I am presenting the Equilibrium Diet at an expo next weekend and one of the things I’m going to be talking about is, “why not eat this way?”…if we know about how important timing our protein intake is, and we know about the superfoods, and we know the vast improvements in health it will bring—why do some people choose to not eat this way? … More “Why not eat this way?”

What do I actually eat on the Equilibrium Diet?

I have had several readers ask me, “What do you eat? What do you buy?” And what a great conversation starter because it shows what the Equilibrium Diet looks like once “equilibrium” has been reached (physical at least) and how things change. My purchases and meals are identical in many ways to when we first began this lifestyle in 2010, and they are different too. … More What do I actually eat on the Equilibrium Diet?