Course1logoCourse 1: Intro to the Equilibrium Diet

15-week online and teleconference course provides the information you need to know to implement the first two pillars of the Equilibrium Diet in your life: super-foods and eating with efficient timing (Click for full description and dates.)


Course 2: Intro to Organ Cleanses – 90 Days of Transformation

13-week online & teleconference course on the third pillar of the Equilibrium Diet: organ cleansing. Organ cleansing cleans and repairs your “equipment” so you get more nutrients and energy out of the foods you eat. This 90-day program gives you a chance to hit the reset button on most of your body’s organs. We cover how to perform each cleanse, herbs for support, and emotional support tips. Plus – the most important things you need to know about leaky gut, hormones, and homeopathy. PLUS! The private Facebook group ensures you can ask questions 24/7 and benefit from the support of a like-minded community going through the same cleanses.


Course 3: Advanced Detox Protocols

Take your power to the next level with this 13-week online & teleconference course. We learn to release subconscious programming from our parents, our childhood, our society, our profession and our lineage. This is done with physical cleanses, mental/emotional work and meditation. The three physical cleanses use sacred herbs. The mental and emotional work combines techniques I have learned and proprietary methods created over the years to unwind resistance or “lies in the subconscious” – most of my techniques are based on the mathematical Universe.crystal1


Individual Sessions

30-minute consultation…………….……………..$55

60-minute consultation………………………………$100