katieheadshot1Welcome! I’m Katie Grace, PhD author of Atheist to Enlightened in 90 Days, and creator of the Equilibrium Diet. I love teaching people about the Equilibrium Diet and the power of eating with proper timing! If you are interested in diet, detox, spirituality or economics, I have an experience for you.

One-page Speaker Summary (pdf): katie-grace-speaker-summary

Speaking Topics:

1. Nutritional Bankruptcy and the Three Pillars of the Equilibrium Diet

Are you living your life full of zest and vitality? Or, are you running on empty struggling to “get by”. Most of us are stuck in nutritional bankruptcy for a number of reasons. The Equilibrium Diet models the body as a business, or an economy, and we identify how to choose super-foods (good inputs), efficient processes (eating with proper timing), and clean our equipment (organs!) The diet is a perfect blend of economic theory, the science of digestion, and ancestral diets that catapults us out of nutritional bankruptcy and into vibrant health!

Attendees learn:

  • To define nutritional bankruptcy, whether they have it, and how to get out of it.
  • The underlying assumptions of the Equilibrium Diet.
  • The three pillars of the Equilibrium Diet.
  • How the Equilibrium Diet compares to other diets: Paleo, Vegan, Raw, and Nourishing Traditions.
  • The importance of organ cleansing.
  • Case studies

Length: 90 minutes (can be tailored to fit your needs).

2. An Accidental Awakening: The Journey from Atheist to Enlightened

Attendees receive the testimony of a relatively rare occurrence: an atheist who accidentally burst through the door to the spiritual realm; not because of a near-death experience but because of diet.

Length: 20-90 minutes depending on your needs.

3. Hormones and Health

Hormones effect our health, our weight, our energy and our mood. Maintaining great hormones is one part diet and detox, and one part male and female “habits”. Once we have mastered the diet, we need to learn the “rules of the game” that govern male and female moods to become happier and more fulfilled than we ever thought possible. This talk blends the physiology of the brain with ancestral sociology to help us see the bigger (and happier) picture.

4. Phytic Acid Free! Sourdough starters for ALL your bread kneads

We use a gluten-free sourdough starter for every “bread” product in our kitchen. From rosemary bread, pizza crusts, cornbread, even gingerbread—we have all of your baking “kneads” covered sans the phytic acid. This is a demo and tasting class.

Phytic acid is in all grains, seeds, legumes and nuts. It is a chelator, binding to precious minerals in our digestive tract (zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron) leaving us depleted. Our ancestors fermented out the phytic acid using the sourdough process, making the nutrients in the grains bio-available. Gluten-free sourdoughs require expertise in mixing flours to ensure enough phytase is present to deactivate the phytic acid.

5. Nutrition, health and wellness material to fit your needs

With over six years of direct experience and thousands of hours of research and personal experimentation, I view the body as a living, breathing, optimizing, collection of organisms. My expertise covers chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, candida overgrowth, weight-loss, infertility, migraines, celiac’s and gluten-sensitivity, eczema, c-def infection, hypoglycemia/diabetes, gluten sensitivity, dairy allergies, parasites, and gallbladder malfunction, among others.

Please call or email for speaking engagements and scheduling.