Sugar-free Rose Petal Jam

This has been my first season working with roses and I am kicking myself for not jumping on the rose band-wagon years ago! This rose petal jam is absolutely amazing AND sugar-free (sweetened with xylitol or agave). Dollop it on ice cream, gluten-free toast, or eat it straight out of the jar! … More Sugar-free Rose Petal Jam

Who is your health hero?

I believe that your true nature is radiant health. I believe in your body’s innate healing ability; and I believe that you are the only authority regarding your health and your body. This is more than a “belief”, it is a knowing because I have experienced my own body’s healing ability—from chronically ill and exhausted to radiant, and I have witnessed it in others. … More Who is your health hero?

Make your own Sourdough Starter for fermented breads

Everyone loves fresh homemade bread hot out of the oven. Being gluten-free, I went almost 4 years without any bread and then I had a gluten-free sourdough bread in Portland, Oregon and I was hooked! Ahhh, bread like that is what I had been missing! So I made it my mini-mission to discover a recipe that made amazing gluten-free bread and sourdough was important to me because I really wanted to eliminate as much phytic acid in my family’s diet as I possibly could. … More Make your own Sourdough Starter for fermented breads

Homemade Marshmallows

I can’t keep little (or big) hands away from these tasty and healthy treats! Made with real marshmallow root and grass-fed gelatin, these are immune-boosters and gut-healers. I make a large batch of strong marshmallow tea and freeze what I don’t use immediately to have on hand for easy future batches. They can be dusted with toasted coconut or dipped in carob/chocolate for extra texture and taste. … More Homemade Marshmallows

Kale & Carrot Salad – A must have!

This beautiful salad is a crowd-pleaser. This was an accidental “gem” I discovered one day while cleaning out the fridge. I only had a bunch of purple kale (green will work as well, but purple is prettier), a bag of carrots and some homemade honey mustard dressing left. I had the shredder out so I decided to shred the carrots and tossed the salad. One bite and I thought, “oh, this would be good with some shredded goat cheese.” So I added that. And tried another bite and I realized, “this would be so good with bacon and slivered almonds for a crunch”. So I added the bacon and almonds to it for breakfast the next morning and it was SO good. Now I try to ALWAYS have this salad sitting in the fridge. Even fast-food addicts love it! The honey mustard dressing is from my friend Heidi and one of my all-time favorites.   … More Kale & Carrot Salad – A must have!