Good Substitutes for Vaccines


So…You really don’t want to vaccinate, but you are scared sh*tless about polio, hep b and the chicken pox.

Ultimately, all parents want their kids to be safe and healthy – this is WHY one of the easiest ways to control parents is to TELL them, “you aren’t being a good parent,” you are endangering the health of your child, blah, blah, blah.

This incites a deeply subconscious primitive response in us which makes us easy to control IF we are not aware of it. So. You’re worried about vaccines or questioning them but you are also worried about “diseases”.

What to do?

I have put together 8 tips that will make you healthier than any vaccine could ever purport to make you, and also enable you to feel safe in your decision to not vaccinate.

  1. Avoid all refined sugar and white sugar. All of it, even the sugar in tomato sauce. Even in supposed “protein health shakes”. Sugar is a drug and it’s in just about everything. It kills the immune system and it deadens the emotions. If you want healthy kids, if you want to be healthy, step 1 is eliminate ALL sugar. Sugar is good for one thing feeding yeast and bacteria – that’s why we feed SCOBY’s cane sugar (scoby stands for symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria. If you eliminate sugar completely for one year and then try a little bit, I guarantee you will never eat it again, because you will feel exactly how it impacts the body: the adrenals, the thyroid, your blood sugar, your attention span—you will feel its negative effects. For a full discussion on the horrors of eating sugar, see my video titled “Sugar – it’s killing you”.
  2. Minimize inflammation in the body. Do this by eliminating wheat and cows’ dairy. For more information on the effects of wheat and pasteurized cow dairy, see my videos titled “Everyone should be wheat-free” and “The problems with cow dairy” or my book, “Atheist to Enlightened in 90 Days: Featuring the Equilibrium Diet”.
  3. Boost your and your children’s thyroid function. The thyroid is the seat of the immune system and it thrives on iodine. This is tricky because the thyroid will use fluoride from water in place of iodine if that is what is available first. So, eliminate all fluoridated water and supplement with iodine. And using a Liquid supplement is the best because so many people have absorption problems.
  4. Eliminate drugs. All of them, this includes Tylenol, advil, antihistamines, antibiotics, adhd medicine and everything else. Each of these kills the body in some way: Tylenol the liver, antibiotics the gut—none of this is new information.
  5. Detox yourself. Detox your kids. Even kids can do at home detoxes: herbal colon cleanses, kidney cleanses, heavy metal cleanses, the spleen clean. The cleaner your organs are, the more efficiently they will work and the healthier you will be. This is why organ cleansing is one of the 3 pillars of the equilibrium diet. Now, not all detoxes are created equally, and detoxing without proper prep can be just darn painful – I know, I have been there. For support, see my blog and online courses at
  6. Eat your protein in the morning and not after 2pm. This allows the liver to cleanse and rebuild the body from 11pm-5am. If you eat protein at night, your liver never gets a chance to cleanse. (This is just as important as eliminating ALL sugar. It is the difference between moderate health and equilibrium health) – this is a large part of the Equilibrium Diet, for more information see
  7. Learn about homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis. Homeoprophylaxis is essentially the homeopathic version of vaccination. You can learn about both in my video titled “What is homeopathy?”
  8. Once you have done, and are doing the first 7 tips, use immune boosting herbs. This is the final step, because if you have absorption problems like most people do, you aren’t going to get much out of herbs until you address the absorption – this happens naturally when you eliminate sugar, wheat and dairy and cleanse the organs. Herbs like astragalus, elderberry, echinacea, all boost the immune system. And For acute symptoms or illnesses, blends of poke root, goldenseal, AND black carrot can knock out even the toughest bugs like strep and influenza. I don’t recommend using poke, goldenseal or black carrot by themselves, unless you feel very comfortable with herbs, because these are the strongest of the strong. Some people won’t even touch poke leaves they are so potent. That said, the pre-prepared blends are very effective.

If you follow all eight of these guidelines, you will never have to worry about getting sick again because your immune system will be strong enough to take on anything and homeopathy will knock out any painful symptoms.

Bottomline. If you are eating sugar in anything (check ALL of your labels), you are immunosuppressed.

Bottomline. If you are eating meat at night, your liver is stressed.

Clean up your immune system, clean up your liver and you will wonder why people are still arguing about this vaccine nonsense.

One last thing, fear is a powerful motivator but the mind is even more powerful than fear and herd-induced fear. Your power is in your thoughts. If you can erase the fear, because you KNOW that your body and mind are incorruptible, you then erase the need for pharmaceutical products AND the body benefits because it’s not being weighed down with crap that’s not supposed to be in a body in the first place.

Now, go get healthier than you ever imagined possible!


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