Homeopathy – What you need to know


I have been using homeopathy for over 5 years now and in terms of detox, healthy living, and parenting, this is one of the most important subjects for people to know about.

I’m going to cover 4 things:

What is homeopathy? How does homeopathy work? How to use homeopathy and the risks associated with homeopathy.

If you google “what is homeopathy?” The definition is: “the treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease. You may also see “like cures like”. Homeopathy is huge in Europe and it used to be huge in the U.S. until big money like the Rockefellers starting funding western medical schools to study their pharmaceutical patents in the late 1800s.

Homeopathy is kinda like a coffee enema – and what I mean by that is – once you actually try it – whether its out of necessity or desperation or curiosity, it is SO effective that you are hooked and you never go back – I mean you can always go back if you want to, people just don’t want to!

Let’s look at how a homeopath is made.

You would start with a small amount of a material in soluble form – so, if we are looking at an onion, maybe a tincture of onion in water or alcohol. In the case of a mineral, we would want it in a soluble, powdered form. But let’s look at the onion example.

We’d take 1-10 drops of the onion solution and dilute it down, we’d mix those 10 drops with water or alcohol and then we would pertuss it – which basically means shake the crap out of it – think about a blood centrifuge machine, we are going to shake it so freaking much that every molecule in that bottle is now infused with the onion essence.

Then, we are going to take 1-10 drops of that diluted pertussed liquid, and we are going to further dilute it and shake the crap out of it again. And we’ll continue to do this dilution process of taking 10 drops and diluting it for a minimum of 10 times, and maybe even more…

What we end up with is homeopathic onion, also called allium cepa.

Now, in a healthy person, you chop a raw onion and your eyes start to water, your nose starts to run. Allium Cepa does an immediate job of stopping itchy watering eyes and a running nose.

So, how does it work, what is REALLY going on?

The world is energy – everything is – it doesn’t matter if you want it to be or not, it just is. And energy, can be viewed as either photons, waves, or tauruses, depending on which dimension you are viewing it from.

So, imagine that your running nose has 1 particular frequency, 1 particular wave. If you want to eliminate the runny nose, you need to insert the opposite wave into your energy body. IF you get the exact opposite wave, with troughs where your runny nose has crests, the vibration is totally neutralized. The symptom is GONE. This is like two equally sized waves approaching each other in the ocean – or two opposite sounds waves – they complete cancel each other out. Sound technicians do this ALL the time to eliminate background noises on recordings and videos – they insert the opposite wave function. This is exactly whats happening with homeopathy.

Even better, there is very little wait-time in homeopathy, the frequency is cancelled immediately which means you get relief sometimes within 3 minutes. You can take a homeopath for anything, whooping cough, rubella, rabies, pneumonia, mumps, chicken pox…literally anything so long as you can isolate the energetic frequency and create the opposite wave. (yep, homeopaths are totally safe for pregnant women because they don’t actually contain any of the physical substance anymore)

There is one catch to homeopathic remedies—they always work but the healthier you are, the faster they work. This is why they are wonderful for children because children don’t have much baggage as adults in terms of their emotional, mental and physical bodies. Kids have less programming or gunk that the homeopath has to push through for the results to be felt (or the wave to be totally cancelled).

Once someone experiences for themselves how effective homeopaths are and understands that this “wave cancelling principle” applies to everything, the fear of illness disappears. Why would you be afraid of something that you can just white-out anytime you see it?

I have used homeopaths for allergies, the flu, pneumonia, whooping cough, rubella, hashimotos thyroiditis, herpes, and the black plague – almost all of these were in a detox setting, meaning the body was purging something, some trauma from the past, or from the DNA.

Next, how to use homeopathy, as you can probably guess – homeopathy can be used at MANY different levels – you can try to treat just the symptom –

just the runny nose and it will probably work –

but the best homeopathic remedies treat the underlying imbalance – the emotion or thought that is causing the runny nose – or making the body prone to a runny nose.

Now, if that’s too much for you right now – just focus on the symptoms, but if you are aware of any emotions present with the symptoms, use those to inform your homeopathic choice and the results will be even more profound.

This brings up another question – how do you choose a homeopathic remedy? In a nutshell, there are two different methods – the classical homeopathic method and the vibrational method.

  1. In the classical method, your extensive list of physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms will be matched up against all of the homeopathic remedies. These lists are EXTENSIVE to put it mildly and this is most efficiently done by a trained homeopath.
  2. The vibrational method uses muscle testing, kinesiology or dowsing to match which remedy is best for the person in this given moment.

Both methods are very good and you may want to use both at different points in time. I use the vibration method a LOT for symptom treatment because usually I, or my family are experiencing symptoms because we are detoxing something from the past, or from our DNA, the vibrational method allows us to experience very limited symptoms when doing this.

Or, you can go directly after certain patterns in your past or your DNA by using the classical method. If you use the classical method on your dominant emotions and mental predispositions, you will literally be inducing a detox of those patterns out of your energetic body and you may START to experience the physical symptoms associated with those purges. In which case, you may then want to use additional homeopathic remedies to treat the induced detox symptoms – for instance, headache or a stuffy nose.

Homeoprophylaxisis essentially, taking the homeopathic version of mumps, measles, shingles, chicken pox, to induce the body to purge that particular vibration or “disease”. So similar to the classical version of homeopathy where you are targeting the larger pattern, but in this case you are targeting a particular vibration or disease preemptively. Does it work? Sure it can – but I don’t personally use homeopathy in this way because in my family’s case, we have already addressed most of the patterns that would show up in the form of typical childhood illnesses. So for us, it doesn’t make sense. But for someone early in their journey to health, homeoprophylaxis could be very helpful.

For most people, I would recommend just buying the homeoprophylaxis kit and then if you end up with chicken pox or measles, take the remedy THEN instead of taking it preemptively. If you notice you have a lot of fear around those particular vibrations, it may benefit you to take them preemptively. Regardless, once you have the kit, you then have in your possession the remedy to virtually every “disease” some people still “inoculate” against.

So, I have just told you about this amazing modality that can handle most imbalances, you should be asking me, “what are the costs, what are the risks to these remedies”.

This is the best part of homeopathy, whereas pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs are toxic –

This is NOT the case with homeopathy because you are taking the frequency of the substance and NOT ANY of the actual substance. You really can’t take too much, you can’t overdose and there are no harmful side-effects.

I do want to mention one thing because it’s all over the internet – and that is homeopaths made from the nightshade family like belladonna.

Some people claim that the nightshade alkaloids are cumulative, meaning they build in the body and so over time, they purport that you can “take too much”.

I have tried to find research on this to no avail, and I don’t have a solid answer because some parents have experienced their child reacting to belladonna after years of cumulative use.

I don’t know – I don’t know how much they are using it. Belladonna in particular is very strong and very intense and I would NOT use it UNLESS the emotional spectrum matches up with its description – and if you look at the emotional aspects of belladonna, it’s like the dark goddess – the part of the psyche that wants to destroy all but TRUTH – it’s intense.

Aconite is usually the better remedy for fast onset – especially in children, belladonna can usually be avoided in children with aconite,

but sometimes it is the best for pain, this is why I test vibrationally – because you are never going to have to worry about even the chance of an alkaloid overdose if the person is testing positive for it vibrationally. Another way to completely avoid the chance of build-up is to make a straight vibrational remedy with a remedy maker, these copy only the energetic frequency of the compound, so of the belladonna, and would NEVER contain any alkaloids. Remedy makers can be purchased online, or this is typically how a homeopathic practitioner would prepare a remedy you buy from them. Always ask to be sure if you are concerned.

Homeopathy is a form of Vibration Medicine, it’s using frequencies to fine-tune the body. Like a sound technician would use opposite sound waves to cancel noise. This is similar to cell salts, flower essences and gem elixirs. In my direct experience, Cell salts focus on the main minerals in the body whereas flower essences target the emotions and gem elixirs target specific or general thoughts forms and the subconscious mind.

In summary, homeopathy is a non-invasive, totally natural and risk-free health modality. Thank you for watching and please share this with someone you think would benefit from this information!


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