The Best Nutritional Theory


We all are living out our own “theories” of how the world works in our lives and Different “diets” are just different nutritional theories. Ideas of how the body, and food and digestion all work together to create health or energy, or weight-loss, or disease management, or EQUILIBRIUM – whatever the goal of the diet is.

When I began researching diet and nutrition, I immediately saw, that different diets had very different goals and that those goals DRASTICALLY shaped the diet and the outcomes of the diet. For instance, diets created with the initial goal of weight loss have very different recommendations that diets created with the goal of getting back to how our ancestors ate.

The goal, or the intention, creates the diet.

Now, the question is, which is the BEST diet. Well, this is like asking which is the BEST theory? In economics, and in all statistical studies used by scientists to test theories, a good theory is the one that explains most of the data. The absolute BEST theory, explains all of the data – it explains EVERYTHING we observe in the world.

For instance, vegetarian and plant-based diets have been studied by researcher for years and are shown to help and create health in a LOT of people and people report feeling better with vegetarian diets instead of the standard American diet. Therefore, vegetarian diets explain some of the health benefits we observe in the world.

On the other hand, Paleo-based diets are also being shown to create positive health outcomes for many people and people report feeling better with a Paleo diet.

Now, this is really interesting because vegetarian diets theorize that humans aren’t meat-eaters, that we aren’t designed for that and that meat is what makes people sick, and plants are what make people healthy. And they have data to support that (which is just people with better health outcomes after going vegetarian). But the Paleo diet theorizes that humans are not evolved to eat grains and that we will be healthier eating what our more primitive ancestors ate: nuts, seeds, berries, a few plants and lots and lots of meat and fat. And they have data to support this theory.

Vegetarian and Paleo theories both have data to support them, so both are good theories because they explain some of what we observe in the world, and yet they appear to be completely contradictory. That means, the vegetarian diet can’t explain why people get healthier on a Paleo diet, and the Paleo theory can’t explain why people also get healthy on a vegetarian diet. Each has pigeon-holed itself into it’s own LIMITED paradigm.

A great theory, explains all of the data. A great dietary theory would explain why we observe people switching to vegetarian diets having improved health outcomes and it would explain why we observe people switching to paleo diets also having improved health outcomes.

Enter, the Equilibrium Diet. The Equilibrium Diet is another dietary theory, but it explains all of the data, it explains why Paleo and vegetarian diets both “work”. You see, the Equilibirum Diet, was created with cost-minimization in mind, how can people reach radiant health while minimizing the cost to their body of digestion (because digestion is a very energetically intensive process). Digestive cost-minimization is achieved primarily through food-timing – eating proper foods at the correct time of day – this means having protein heavy foods before 2pm and not after, and having carb-heavy foods after 2pm and not before.

The Equilbirum Diet explains that people eating meat (which is the heaviest protein) after 2pm will suffer the most liver congestion because the body will not be allowed to have it’s daily intermittent fast between 10pm and 6am during which time the liver cleans, rebuilds, and renews all of the cells. If the liver is busy digesting a protein-dense meal, no cleaning gets done and waste accumulates in the body. Vegetarians don’t eat meat after 2pm, so they benefit from their livers cleaning their body every single night. People switching to a vegetarian diet observe positive health outcomes because their livers are now cleaning out accumulated waste.

On the Paleo side, the Equilibrium Diet explains that meats, especially organ meats (which are recommended by Paleo) offer the easiest absorbable minerals and nutrients, this includes heme-iron, zinc, calcium, B12 and all of the fat-soluable vitamins. Someone eating the Standard American diet switching to Paleo is now going to be eating SCORES more NUTRIENTS than they were before AND the nutrients are RELATIVELY easy to absorb so they experience positive health outcomes from that. Both Paleo and good vegetarian diets eliminate processed food like refined flour and sugar – so both groups of people are benefiting from eliminating these psuedo-foods as well.

The Equilibrium Diet also explains why people benefit from a Nourishing Traditions Diet. No processed foods and properly prepared grains and legumes through the fermentation process minimize the amount of phytic acid consumed which literally leeches minerals like calcium iron and zinc right out of our bodies. .

When we account for cost minimization, when we take into account the costs of digestion, which is what the Equilibrium Diet does that no other diet on the planet does right now, we are able to explain EVERYTHING that we observe in the world in terms of nutritional theories.

If you want the crème-de-la-crème, the absolute best theory, the absolute best diet, you go with the Equilibrium Diet because it explains everything else below it – other dietary theories are too narrowly focused. Choosing anything other than the equilibrium diet would be like choosing a ford pinto over a Ferrari. It would be like building a house or building and using pipes that are two sizes too small – sure, you might survive for a while, but you are going to have a heck of a time getting water in to use, and getting rid of waste. Engineers choose pipe size based on mathematical optimization models. We can’t get any better outcome, any better performance, than the point where marginal costs and marginal benefits meet – this is the point of cost-minimization – it’s mathematically impossible to do any better than that! And the equilibrium diet is so powerful, you don’t need any other outcome once you use it! Equilibrium Diet – the most powerful diet on the planet – check it out!

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