The Enlightenment Addiction – by an addict

2 thoughts on “The Enlightenment Addiction – by an addict

  1. Dear Katie,

    I really enjoyed watching your video. I recognize this feeling of surrender, let go, “go with the flow” of life. It’s getting into this state of inner peace and it feels wonderful. For a few years now I have been listening to Alan Watts. He is not the man who pretends to be a spiritual leader, but gives his vision/opinion and it’s up to you what you do with it. For me he puts into words what I have felt inside ever since I was a child.

    I hope you don’t feel like I’m trying to convince you about something. It’s just about sharing thoughts.
    It’s wonderful to see that your website is about food for both body and soul. I think it is an absolute necessity in this “starving” world to share this as much as possible.

    Kind regards



    1. Hi Theo!

      Thank you for the links – I had not heard of Alan Watts and I watched a few of his videos – YES! He was very good! Thank you for sharing, it was just what I needed to see last week! Best, Katie


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