The Business of Enlightenment


The seeking of enlightenment and spirituality is a big business. It’s a multi-billion-dollar a year business. And like all other industries, the bigger it is, the less effectively it serves its customers. Think about it, the pharmaceutical industry does not grow in power or dollars if it actually fixes the problem! The same can be said for the entire health care industry, the prison industry, the military industry, and definitely the enlightenment/spirituality industry.

In fact, only in the latter will people pay money to retreat to prison-like centers to water fast and meditate. I know people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars and traveled the world seeking enlightenment. I know people who work just to fund their enlightenment addiction. And as you know from my other posts, I used to be one of these addicts.

What most people are selling and teaching in this business of spirituality is a transcendent experience, a feeling of Oneness that includes everything, the timeless sensation that by-passes the physical world of our five senses. Clients and consumers have bought products, classes, and retreats all aimed at trying to obtain this experience. The experience is like a bliss-blanket for our nervous systems; it is similar to an addictive drug experience. And so, businesses who actually provide this blissed experience almost ensure repeat customers. But this blissed out experience isn’t what people REALLY want. Yes, a transcendent experience is nice; but it’s just that, an experience that comes and then goes, and leaves us with but a memory. These seekers think they want Oneness. I thought I wanted Oneness.

But they, we, all of us, we don’t really want the transcendent experience of enlightenment. No, we don’t really yearn for that, even though many of us think we do. What we REALLY want, what we REALLY crave is descension.

Yes, descension; the opposite of ascension. We really want, we crave, we yearn, to fully embody our physical bodies with our souls. Fully embodying our spirit into our body is the act, the process of, descension. And only once we descend can we be our true selves with every vibration of our being.

You see, we don’t truly want transcendent experiences for the sake of experiencing ourselves, because deep down, some part of us, no matter how small, knows and remembers EXACTLY who and what we are. This part of ourselves doesn’t need the spiritual experience to remember who it is, or talk about with friends, or fantasize about late at night—this part of ourselves just knows.

It knows we are Source, and it knows we are here for a purpose. Perhaps it pulls and tugs at us to become more spiritual to know that purpose; but it is only for that—knowing and living our purpose. Fully descending into the physical. That is why we are here. We don’t seek spirituality to become spiritual, or closer to god, or any of that—we seek it to discover our purpose. We are naturally spiritual, we can’t help that or change it. It is what we are. Whether we want to or not, we are spiritual beings, all of us. And we are God/Source/Goddess/Consciousness, we just ARE. You can’t get any closer to god than that. So what we really want, what we really seek is to know, to remember, exactly why we came to Earth this time.

What did we come here to DO? Once we know that, the seeking, the spirituality classes, the retreats, and the books, just stop. We don’t need them anymore; we remember. We embody. We descend. And we do. We stop praying and we start doing. And only then, will our search and the business of enlightenment end.

Here are 3 tips for remembering why you are here.

  1. Clean out your body. To know your purpose, you have to have energy flowing between the higher subtle bodies and the physical body. Paleo isn’t going to cut it—it’s too stressful on the liver. Vegan isn’t going to cut it (at first, for most people) because you aren’t going to be absorbing enough minerals. Follow the Equilibrium Diet and Cleanses.
  2. Clean out your energetic space. A good grounding meditation is the only thing that will get other people’s energy and old patterns and programs out of your space. Once you are clear, you will see your purpose.
  3. Do yoga, qi gong or tai chi. Each of these ancient practices helps align all of the bodies and keep the passageways of elimination open and clear.

May you remember all that you are.


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