Do you believe in god?


People often ask me, “do you believe in god?” Well, that’s a loaded question because what assumptions is a person making when they ask it?

Six and a half years ago I had a life-changing spiritual experience. it was followed by several more mystical experiences and then one of the most profound spiritual and physical encounters I have ever had.

Now, I know what you are thinking – Katie, LSD is known to cause such things. But, there was no LSD – there were no drugs; there was no alcohol– the experiences happened because I changed my diet. Because I changed what I ate.

What I saw, what I felt, what I knew, what I REMEMBERED.

Was that I was SOURCE. Consciousness. That we are ALL Source. And that there is nothing but SOURCE. The experience was one of infinite love, compassion and POWER all at the same time. It is everything and nothing all at the same time. Infinite potential energy.

It was the realization that a droplet of water has when it realizes it is both a droplet of water AND the entire ocean. That’s it. That’s what we are. You are infinite creative energy.

There is no good or bad, there is no one judging you, there is just you and you deciding which role do you want to play – what do you want to experience. This is exactly what the scientists in the OBSERVER effect in quantum physics show. They show, that in an atom, with supposedly spinning electrons,

  • the electron is ALWAYS where the scientist EXPECTS it to be,
  • the electron is always where the scientist WANTS or desires it to be.

Every thought we hold sends out a corresponding frequency to the Universe. The more we have the thought, the stronger the frequency is, meaning the more our energy body is dominated by it and the more intense the experiences around that thought will be.

This means, if we expect there to be a god outside of us, we will have the experience of the existance of a god outside of us.

If we expect there to not be a god, there will not be a god.

The Jewish god, the Christian god, the hindu gods, the lack of an atheist god, are each a collection of energy, of thought-forms, just like everything else – you, me, dogs, “flat-earthers”. Each of our views are “right” because we are each creating our own reality. Our chosen perception shifts our view of the world.

So if you want to have an archangel sitting on your shoulder protecting you all the time, you’ve got it. Your desire for it, your expectation of it, your belief in it, makes it happen. In fact, if you wanted to create a new archangel, just for you, all you would have to do is think it up and you would literally pull consciousness from Source to create just that. Now, you may have some old patterns you will have to release in order to complete your manifestation, these come in the form of thoughts of course, some are more conscious than others.

For instance, you may be thinking, “Katie, that’s impossible” – and that’s an old subconscious program instilled in your DNA from either modern science or old Christianity.

The science, leans on the side of “angels don’t exist because I can’t see them”, the church leans on the side of “you’re a lay person and how dare you do that without a priest.” Both are patterns of control.

Are these patterns true? Well, they exist, because people have chosen to continue to experience them and play them out, but they won’t last forever because they aren’t in alignment with Source.

The only authority that is in alignment with Source, is the authority of the self, all else crumbles in the light of TRUTH. All of this is deep. If you allow yourself to grasp some of this, to let it wiggle through the tightly wound subconscious,

You will see and experience:

  • That you are Divine, all of you.
  • That you and you alone create your life, and
  • That you are more powerful than any of the gods or angels of your childhood – of course you are, you created them. Because You inserted those patterns into your energy body to create your experiences of your chosen god.

As with everything, we are here to choose whether or not we want to partake in each pattern. Maybe you don’t know? Do you want to believe in this or that? I offer two bits of information that have continued to lead me to deeper and deeper levels of self-realization:

  1. Look at WHY something was created. The incentives that went into the foundation will be forever prevalent in the belief system, religion, government, organization, anything. what we desire, we create.
  2. Ask yourself, what patterns are sustainable? Only keep the patterns that can sustain themselves indefinitely – for that is equilibrium. Look at the patterns of your diet, of your consumption, of your relationships, are they sustainable?

One last thing…Perhaps rather than choosing a god to align with, we should be choosing what kind of GOD we want to be. Now. Here. On earth. Thank you fellow goddesses and gods.

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