Who is your health hero?

I spoke with a PR agent a week or two ago about the Equilibrium Diet and getting this information out to more people so they can benefit from it like I have. She was excellent; very knowledgeable and seasoned in the PR industry dealing with radio, press and television. We had a great conversation and I learned a lot from her and she suggested that if I wanted to catapult the Equilibrium Diet that I should get some “credentials” in nutrition.

Good advice.

Perhaps excellent advice; after all, I have a PhD in economics, I taught economics, finance and business classes for years, school is easy for me. Why not?

I spent the next seven days considering master’s programs in nutrition and dietetics (I still don’t know how to pronounce that word); I spoke with several schools, filled out several applications and just figured it was the “smart” thing to do. After all, the Equilibrium Diet is my baby, I want it to live its own life to its fullest potential and give it the support it needs, perhaps this “credentialing” was part of that.

And then instead of losing myself in this PR agent’s story—I was struck with clarity.

Wait a minute. The Equilibrium Diet is so powerful because it’s NOT from the medical and nutritional industries. This information didn’t come from them and wouldn’t come from them. As a population, we have listened to doctors, nutritionists and their industries for the last 100 years and look at us – we are sick, tired, chronically ill, obese and struggling to survive. We aren’t thriving.

If I were to go get a master’s degree in nutrition or dietetics and then promote the Equilibrium Diet, by default, I would be advocating that people listen to me because “I was an authority, because I was credentialed”. And it would imply that this valuable information (the Equilibrium Diet) came out of the nutrition and medical industry – which it did not; and could not have, because they aren’t trained in optimization and they don’t have optimization at their core.

Equilibrium is about benefits AND costs—optimization; it doesn’t take a PhD in economics to see that the medical system struggles with costs or optimization—we spent $3.2 trillion dollars in 2015 on “healthcare”. To use the words of a wise businessman, “we don’t have a revenue problem, we have an efficiency problem”—if we are spending that much, shouldn’t we be ridiculously healthy? I think so.

It took an economist with a fresh perspective, someone who wasn’t biased by industry standards and dogma, to view health and nutrition with new eyes and see the entire puzzle, instead of just a few pieces.

I am not a health expert and I never will be. But.

I am the ONLY expert on MY health and MY body; and I can show you how to remember that you are the ONLY expert on YOUR health and YOUR body. After all, you are the only one in your body. You are the only one who knows what it feels like every day to be chronically tired, depressed, or unfulfilled. You are the only one who knows what it feels like to drag through life most days with aches, pains, headaches and heartburn. A medical doctor doesn’t feel that; they aren’t in your body—you and you alone feel it.

I believe that your true nature is radiant health. I believe in your body’s innate healing ability; and I believe that you are the only authority regarding your health and your body. This is more than a “belief”, it is a knowing because I have experienced my own body’s healing ability—from chronically ill and exhausted to radiant, and I have witnessed it in others.

When I set out to find an equilibrium way of eating, I remember thinking, “I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care where it comes from. I don’t care if it includes meat or excludes meat. I just want an equilibrium: the single optimum point where benefits LESS costs is maximized.” Over time, I learned what I needed to learn to create that point and everything unfolded from there. The Equilibrium Diet models the body like an efficient business; it focuses on 1. Inputs 2. Efficient processes and 3. Clean machinery. If you run a business and you take care of those three points, you are in good shape. If you run a body and take care of those three points, hold on for the ride, because you are going to get ridiculously healthy.

So, if you want someone to talk to you about counting calories and your cholesterol level—doctors and nutritionists are probably a great bet. But if you seek radiance, health and vitality, you may be more in line with the Equilibrium Diet—and, you just might remember that YOU are your own health hero along the way.

Ready to take charge of your health? Equilibrium Boot-camp is running now; you can join us for 90-days of transformation. Click here for more information.

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