Healthy travel on the go—Tips to travel like a pro

airplaneMy family and I recently returned from Hawaii (the Big Island) and had an amazing trip! With two little kids (ages 2 and almost 5) and over 11 hours of plane time, my husband and I had to have our game on. After all, we are caffeine and stimulant-free–so how do you keep your energy up when you know you are going to be toting two kids with all their blankies and accessories and going on 3 hrs sleep for a few plane rides?

Fortunately, we have great energy in general (if we stick to the Equilibrium diet). But how do you prepare for the energetic and sensory onslaught of hours of road and air travel, TSA, horrible airport food, and hundreds of other passengers?

I have listed and expanded upon my top tips, products and techniques for air travel. Road travel presents its own unique challenges and fewer “TSA liquid constraints” but many of the tips are the same regardless of transportation mode. These are many of the products I use, or have used in the past

  1. Boron. Preferably ionic and start taking the recommended dose 2-3 days before leaving on a jet plane and 2 days after travel, each time. Boron will actually absorb radiation and EMFs (it can be a good supplement if you are around a computer screen a lot too) but it needs to be in your body right around the time of exposure to have the biggest impact.
  2. Sea salt or Himalayan Salt. Sea Salt is so important for proper hydration which becomes an even bigger issue at high altitudes. It’s best to take it added to water (1 tsp added to 12+ ounces of water) because then the body can just uptake the sodium and chloride “free” molecules without much effort. Our family goes through one of these 5 pound bags every 2-3 months. Note: Sea salt will NOT cause the body to bloat like table salt will—in fact, pure sodium is necessary for proper water retention in the body. For instance, if you find yourself constantly going to the bathroom to urinate, your body may not have the sodium to hydrate cells and cross that cell membrane—an easy fix may be as easy as increasing your body’s sodium levels with sea salt in water.
  3. Vitamin C. I prefer powdered vitamin C from plant sources because it’s most natural and easy to take large amounts (I use the Pure Synergy brand in the link and it comes in tablets and powder). Vitamin C is an antioxidant and supports the immune system and adrenal glands. The highest concentration of Vitamin C in the body is found in the adrenal glands.
  4. Bentonite Clay baths—in case you missed the boron or just need extra support, bentonite clay is excellent at drawing toxins out of the body, particularly radiation. A bath a day for the first 3-7 days after a plane ride and you will feel revived.
  5. An herbal antiviral. I recommend having Vivi by Systemic Formulas on hand for your first 2-3 years of the Equilibrium Diet. It is by far, the most potent antiviral I have ever experienced. Vivi contains black carrot extract which was traditionally used by the Nez Perce (and perhaps other Native Americans) for viruses. Once your immune system is stronger, supplements like NAC 1000 mg (I prefer 1000mg over 600mg), amber tincture, and St. Johns wort, or homeopaths may be more helpful.
  6. Food for travel:
    1. Mornings and lunch:
      Jerky! (Our favorite brand is New Primal because there is NO sugar added and it can be spicy or NOT spicy), bags of roasted and sea salted nuts and seeds (peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc). Firm goat cheese will make it through TSA security no problem  (they may give you a hard time over the soft cheeses). I bring Trader Joe’s sliced goat gouda. Frozen ice (that’s redundant i know) isn’t a problem at TSA as long as it’s FROZEN!
    2. Fresh sliced veggies like peppers, carrots and celery. Fruits for after 2pm.
    3. You can bring a dressing too, it just needs to be in a container less than 3 oz.
    4. Sprouted gluten-free crackers and even organic sliced deli meat with no preservatives.
    5. ThinkThin bars are great for protein on the go. We ate them a lot when we first began the Equilibrium Diet but couldn’t handle them about 2 years after giving up dairy (the bars contain a soy and whey isolate). My favorites were the Chocolate Fudge and White Chocolate varieties.
    6. Larabars. I find these too processed for weekly, or even monthly consumption; but my kids like them, so I bring a few as a treat for airplane trips.
    7. 100% dried fruit and veggies (and bars). These can be found at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, EarthFare, and local co-ops.
    8. Hail Merry Chocolate tart. This thing is 100% fat (good fat) and sweetened only with a dash of maple syrup so it’s a great companion to help you feel full and satisfied for hours at a time (you can make a version of these yourself with carob if you can’t handle chocolate).
  7. Buy water at the airport. Hydration and electrolytes are so important always, and even more so at high altitudes where you are losing more water through respiration and perspiration than you would at normal altitudes.
  8. Valerian or Coffee cruda (Homeopathic Medicine Coffea Cruda, 30C Pellets) if you plan on sleeping on the plane (both are natural sleep aids).
  9. Organic Cassia Cinnamon (or Garlic) instead of Advil, for a blood thinner (cassia cinnamon has blood thinning properties where ceylon does not.)

While travelling, do as much movement as possible: bounce, shake, dance, stretch, yoga – whatever you can do to keep the body active in your small space. As soon as you reach your destination, go lay directly on the earth. For even more ideas, see my post next week on “The Supplement and First-aid Kit for Home and Travel”.

Parents: This foldable wagon is amazing (you can check it at the gate as a “stroller”) and it can fit two small children plus much more. We now take it with us everywhere.

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