“Why not eat this way?”

I am presenting the Equilibrium Diet at an expo next weekend and one of the things I’m going to be talking about is, “why not eat this way?”…if we know about how important timing our protein intake is, and we know about the superfoods, and we know the vast improvements in health it will bring—why do some people choose to not eat this way?

If you know about the Equilibrium Diet and you are not following it, I can assure you it is thanks to one of the following perceptions (or some variation of it).

  1. It’s difficult to buy different foods and prepare new meals.
  2. It’s too expensive to buy organic and gluten-free foods.
  3. You have kids and you don’t think they will be on board.
  4. Information overload—you don’t know where to start and so remain stuck.

Let’s talk about each one of these.

  1. It’s difficult to buy different foods and prepare new meals.

Following the Equilibrium Diet would mean that you have to completely re-think all of your patterns and routines around meals and grocery shopping. Yes, there is a learning curve—it’s like learning a new language and people prefer to learn new things in different ways. Some people like to jump right in and “learn as they go”; whereas others like to mark up a plan and make the changes bit by bit. Jumping right in and making a plan are both ways of tackling the “learning curve”.

The underlying question here is, “why don’t you think you are worth investing the time and resources needed to acquire high quality foods and processes”? You have just been given a road map to a massive short-cut, one that can avoid disease and pretty much all emotional and psychological problems. Why don’t you want to take it?

We have been programmed—brainwashed really by lifetimes of social suffering, into thinking we “aren’t good enough”, aren’t “worthy”, and “don’t deserve” all of the best in life. Lies, lies and lies. Thoughts that are inconsistent with the laws of the universe take energy to maintain and lead to disease. You ARE pure Divinity. All of you. Start treating yourself like the most important being in your world and you will start remembering exactly who you are. And if you aren’t into your spiritual nature yet, I think we can at least agree that your health, your body is your most important asset. As a nation we spend TRILLIONS of dollars each year on purported “healthcare” and without our bodies, we can’t be here–there is no experience without a body.

Pleasure, bliss, remembering, passion, purpose are all sitting at your fingertips right now. You just have to create a different shopping list, experiment with a few new recipes and destroy all of your social and family programming around when to eat what foods. Tradeoffs.

2. “It’s too expensive to eat organic.”?

At this point, hopefully you see that this pattern is just another way of saying, “I’m not worth it. I’m not worth the investment of the best.” This is like having a Ferrari and putting in cheap gas. No, no, no. You are the Ferrari, if you want to start running like a Ferrari again, start giving it what it needs! Furthermore, do you REALLY know that it’s more expensive to eat organic? Yes, organic is usually more expensive than conventional, but the nutrient density is at least double so you are getting more nutrition per dollar spent with organic (and fewer heavy metals). Furthermore, you eat LESS when you follow the Equilibrium diet because you are employing efficient processes. Additionally, your priorities rearrange so you spend money on different things. (For example, I don’t buy amaretto liquor and sweet&sour mix anymore. I don’t buy Starbucks coffee anymore, and for some reason I don’t buy nearly as many shoes anymore—I don’t know why, I just don’t!)

If you make the switch, the money will show up. This isn’t about money—it’s about how you value yourself. You don’t hire a star quarterback and skimp on your blindside. You don’t buy a million dollar house in a flood zone and NOT buy flood insurance. Eating this way is a LONGRUN investment in your health. You will probably spend more money on homeopaths than you ever have (considering your current homeopath expenses are probably $0) but you will spend less on “Western Healthcare”, you will be healthier as you age and you will FEEL GOOD.

How much would you be willing to pay to feel great? To feel connected? To never take a pharmaceutical drug again? To have more energy to do the things you love? This is your chance to catapult out of “survival mode” and flourish. You ARE worth the nutrient density of high quality organic food.

3. You have kids and you don’t think they will be on board.

Most kids are pretty smart. And when you explain to them all of the benefits of the Equilibrium Diet in terms of the things they care about, they will usually get on board. It’s all how you present it…the benefits kids may appreciate include: mom and dad having more energy to do fun things, mom and dad being in a better mood, having more energy to play, being a better athlete (faster, stronger, more flexible, more endurance), clearer skin, fewer menstrual cramps, a new hobby to do together, needing less sleep, eradicating OCD and ADD.

Talk to your kids, they may surprise you. And, you are the parent, set the tone for your own life and your kids will follow suit. Realize that kids, no matter how old, will detox right along with you. They may do an unintentional fast—that is just the body clearing out old waste to actually be able to absorb and use nutrient-dense food. Just wait it out. If they do not want to eat the veggies you serve and demand fast food, they still have waste to purge. Eating nothing is better than eating fast food. Feeling full is not the goal, being radiantly healthy is.

If it health is important for you and for your family, you will make it happen, you are the one with the information, you ARE the decision-maker.

4. Information overload—you don’t know where to start and so remain stuck.

It is a lot of information. There is an entire book on the technical science of why timing your foods is so important (“The Pro-Vita Plan” by Jack Tipps). But you don’t really need to know the science, unless you want to—you really just need to know how to implement the Equilibrium Diet in your life. Support and feeling supported is extremely helpful when we feel overwhelmed with anything, including information. Think about what seems most daunting and try to put together a game plan? Do you need a partner in crime? A shopping list? Someone to teach you how to read ingredient labels or clean out your pantry? Most of the answers to these questions can be found in the resource below after you determine what level of support you need and desire:

General information? Check out www.equilibriumdiet.com

Recipes and health/detox tips? Check out my blog from the website or “The Spiritual Economist”

A guidebook/plan/blueprint? Check out the book, “Atheist to Enlightened in 90 Days: Featuring the Equilibrium Diet”

A support group? Check out Equilibrium Boot-Camp

Personal guidance/one-on-one help? Contact me directly.

If you are not motivated to make the switch, you are feeding those old patterns of lack: “I’m not good enough”, and “I’m not worth it”. YOU ARE WORTH IT! You were born to feel good—really good! You were born to be happy and create and feel love. Commit to yourself today to give yourself, and your body what it needs…high quality inputs and efficient processes.


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