The Roots of the Most Powerful Diet on Earth

logofor-internet“The most powerful diet” – sounds a bit biased doesn’t it? I mean, don’t different diets work for different people and that’s why there are so many diets? But what if each diet: paleo, vegan, raw,  nourishing traditions, etc. had a few pieces of the puzzle but not the whole picture? I tried all of these diets and more (well, paleo wasn’t really around when I began this journey) but each lacked something so I kept moving on; I kept trying new things. And after years of intense study and self-experimentation, I settled on the 9 guiding principles of the Equilibrium Diet. This is a diet flexible enough to help anyone: meat-eaters and vegetarians, the sick and the healthy, kids and adults.

I never set out to “create a diet” or write a book on anything – I simply sought an equilibrium way of eating, a way that could maintain health for a lifetime. This wasn’t a flippant thought like, “Hmm, I think I’ll have eggs for breakfast.” This was an intense, burning desire to eat in a way that would maintain health and to get healthy – naturally. I was laser-focused because I HAD to be – I’d had chronic fatigue for two years and my husband had been from doctor to doctor, in severe pain, with no diagnosis. If we were going to EVER enjoy life, something had to change and fast. That burning desire had me up at all hours of the day and night for almost two full years – studying herbs and the science of digestion and the body, and then homeopathy, raw milk and fermented foods. Looking back, my filter had been set (find an equilibrium way of eating) and the information I needed to do that, came to me as quickly as I was ready to receive it.

The Equilibrium Diet is the most powerful, efficient diet on the planet. It’s like any other “good” diet…but on steroids. It is a superhero diet. Paleo, ketogenic, nourishing traditions – are all very good diets but each is missing a piece of the bigger picture.

The Equilibrium Diet and cleanses are for people who want to take their health to the next level – whether that means overcoming candida overgrowth, prostatitis, chronic fatigue, sinusitis and depression OR just having more energy. The Equilibrium Diet is for people who ask the big questions and want big answers: Who am I? What is god? Why am I here on earth? The quality of our existence is determined by the quality of our questions. Because our questions reflect that which we seek.

Good things come about when we question our problems; great things come about when we question authority; unbelievable things arise when we question truth.

When I set out to find an equilibrium way of eating, I questioned everything I thought to be fundamentally true: the food pyramid, economics, and modern medicine. I was an economist, and my economic background shaped everything – I knew we needed to maximize the benefits to the body, at the lowest possible cost – how do you do that? Most diets attempt to give the body what it needs but few look at the costs the body must exert to use those foods – digestion is estimated to use up to 80% of the body’s total energy – is there a way of minimizing this cost, given we must eat?

To begin, I settled on studying Buddhist monks and primitive tribesmen because even at ages 100+ they had gleaming full sets of white teeth and very few wrinkles. But my work didn’t stop there because these two groups of people had very different diets – contradictory in many regards. Most primitive tribes are meat-eaters; Buddhist monks do not eat meat. But I followed my intuition and my body – what felt good and didn’t feel good for me, and that led me to eating proteins in the morning and carbs in the evening. After eating this way for a while, I found the scientific chemistry to support the timing in a book called “The Pro-Vita Plan” (Jack Tipps). And then I learned that it followed the yang-building principle (from Chinese medicine) early in the day and yin-building at night. (Interestingly, this “timing” principle seems to be the key to integrating the body, mind, and spirit and plays a large role in opening the door to both spiritual awakenings and being fully grounded.)

Had I stuck to what doctors, nutritionists, and even health-food experts had said, I would have ended up buried in data, research, statistics, and opinions and I probably never would have gotten healthy; and I definitely wouldn’t have experienced enlightenment. But I didn’t stick to what anyone else said – I cared about one thing and one thing only – finding an equilibrium way of eating and I didn’t care where it came from or what “rules” it broke.

And it broke all the “rules” – shattered them actually, and my own identity in the process; because I discovered equilibrium wasn’t about exercise and restricting fat and pleasure of ANY kind – it was about full-fat everything, eating as much as I cared to eat, and doing whatever made me feel good in my body! And that is the key – getting into your body and out of your head.

Ultimately, the Equilibrium Diet is rooted in the diets of primitive tribes untouched by modern society and modern convenience foods like wheat, sugar and pasteurized dairy; and the diet is also rooted in the natural cycle of the day. As humans, we cycle with the sun and moon and before electricity, our night time activity was restricted. So we need more energy, more food and more fuel early in the day and virtually nothing before we go to bed.

To feed the burst of energy we require to go out and hunt for food, or wash clothes and gather herbs we would have eaten a huge breakfast. Most days, breakfast would have been our largest, fattiest and most protein-dense meal. This ensured that if we had to wait an extra few hours in the brush for an animal to kill, we had the energy and the reserves to do so – you can’t leave a hunting party to go home and snack…and chowing down on the job would scare away the prey. Eating this way is naturally ketogenic and stabilizes the blood-sugar allowing you to go hours, even all day, without craving sweets or even really feeling hungry at all – even if you only eat breakfast. (Ketogenic refers to the body’s ability to convert fat to energy as opposed to glucose. Glucose is the easier fuel for the body to use, when it’s available the body will ALWAYS use glucose first. But when glucose isn’t available the body will go use fat. For people with hypoglycemia, weight-issues and/or insulin resistance, the body has used glucose for fuel for so long that it really doesn’t want to use fat…unless you break the cycle and retrain it.)

In primitive times, our calorie intake would have gradually reduced through the day: lunch would be lighter than breakfast and dinner would be lighter than lunch – unless it was a feast night, which served other purposes that I’ll discuss in a later post (most notably, liver flushes). Some of the remains of this lifestyle were alive as late as the mid-1900s. In Poland, the peasants were known for their hardiness and robust health and they followed this yang-yin balancing principle (feeding the yang when you are active with protein and fat and feeding the yin when you are about to rest: fruits, carbs and plant fats).

Most people today are nutritionally bankrupt: the meals they have consumed have cost the body more in energy to process than the meal yielded in nutrients. Sugar, processed foods, wheat and pasteurized dairy are all nutritionally bankrupting foods – the return on eating them is negative, it never covers the cost.

When we are nutritionally bankrupt we are severely depleted in all vitamins and minerals and so we lack energy; our hormones, blood sugar and immune systems suffer and we get sick – body, mind and soul…we get sick.

Most people will improve drastically just from eating a clean diet similar to paleo, ketogenic and nourishing traditions; however, the cycles of the body must be harnessed to fully return to our full natural state of vitality. The Equilibrium diet minimizes the cost to the body of digestion and packs in nutrient dense super foods like organ meats, sea foods, raw juices, raw milk, all of which give the body scores of nutrients that are easy to digest and assimilate.

This diet leads to equilibrium in body, mind and soul because it is efficient. It gives the body the most nutrients possible at the LOWEST possible cost to the body. Many diets focus on giving the body high quality nutrients, but the Equilibrium Diet is the ONLY diet that minimizes the costs of actually digesting that food. This is why it is a health and spiritual powerhouse, because the body now has the time and energy to go clean out years/decades/lifetimes of waste and trauma. And when given that time and energy, the body naturally does this on its own. Ultimately, the Equilibrium Diet fully harnesses the power of the body and allows the body to return to its natural state: wellness. In body, mind and soul.

This cost-minimization is a basic law of economics, physics and the universe: the minimum energy needed to maintain a steady-state is the level that will be exerted – always. And when we align with fundamental universal principles, we ultimately align with those principles on all levels: body, mind, and soul. There is no avoiding it…even if you are (were) an atheist.

Please note that vegetarians and vegans can alter the diet, focusing on combining proteins and nuts for breakfast and lunch (I went vegan for 6 months in our first year of eating this way); however, for many people a strictly vegetarian diet will not be enough to restore their depleted mineral levels and vitality. Plant diets are higher in phytic acid which leaches minerals like zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium from the body – all of which deplete the body further.

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