Migraines: Relief and Prevention

I used to suffer from almost monthly migraines – migraines so intense the smallest ray of light would make me cry in pain, so intense I would almost always throw up—debilitating.

Perhaps you know the kind.

I have been migraine and medication-free for over six years now and in those six years of research and personal experimentation, I have found a few remedies that seem to work for headaches and migraines. Some of these are long-run supportive solutions, others are a quick fix. Migraines are almost always a symptom of nutritional bankruptcy. The good news is that when we employ long-run prevention, we rarely need the quick fixes because the migraines just disappear.

Quick and natural migraine/headache relief

  1. glass-of-waterSea Salt Water. Drink 1-2 tsp of unrefined sea salt dissolved in filtered water. Why it works: Sodium is the body’s most important (well, most prevalent mineral). When blood sodium levels are low, the body isn’t allowed to absorb other minerals (either at all, in the case of potassium, or in reduced amounts for many other minerals). By providing the body with usable sodium (which is what happens when it’s dissolved in water), the body is allowed to quickly reverse the mineral deficiency. Sea salt also contains trace minerals. And don’t worry about overdoing it, the only thing that will happen from drinking too much sea salt water is a loose stool, and in some cases, a very loose stool. This is why a sea salt water cleanse can be used in the middle of a juice fast to flush the small and large intestines.
  2. peppermintPeppermint or lavender essential oils rubbed onto the neck, sinuses and head. Make sure the peppermint is diluted with a carrier oil like coconut so your eyes don’t end up watering like crazy. Why it works: Both herbs are known for their soothing, relaxing, and pain relieving abilities. Essential oils are extremely concentrated extracts of plants. The oil rubbed on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream and through the subtle body via the acupuncture or meridian points along the face, head and neck.
  3. Chiropractic Adjustment. I have never used this for a migraine but I know of several people personally who swear by it. Some go on a regular basis to prevent migraines and others go just one time and their migraines never return. Why it works: Even a slight misalignment of the spine and bones effects the energy flowing through the entire body: the nerves, the blood supply, the chi – everything!
  4. tumbled-amethystAmethyst Stones. You could probably use just about any stone and lay it around the head, neck, and shoulders. Rest and relax with the stones in a quiet, dark room for at least 15 minutes. (I have never used this for migraines but it works great for headaches.) Why it works: The stones serve as a tuning fork for the energy around, and in, the body. By placing them close to the head, you are essentially giving the body a new blueprint, you are saying, “Match this. Play to this tune.” The result: most headaches disappear or at least lessen. This is a great technique for empaths, because they tend to very sensitive to most energetic modalities.

Stop a migraine before it starts: 5 Tips for Long-term prevention

  1. A diet high in easily absorbable minerals is the best prevention for migraines. When I began the Equilibrium Diet, my migraines disappeared within the first month and I haven’t had one since.
  2. A diet low in phytic acid is equally important. Phytic acid binds to minerals in our systems, it literally leaches our minerals from our intestines, our blood and our bones. Phytic acid is in all unsprouted, unfermented grains, nuts and seeds. Our ancestors would have fermented their breads and grains using sourdough starters. The Native Americans leeched acorns for weeks in streams before consuming them. Raw is not best where phytic acid is concerned. This means no raw nuts, no raw seeds, no normal breads (even if they are gluten-free). Nuts and seeds should be at least soaked and ideally sprouted and roasted before eating.
  3. Get as many minerals into your diet as possible: ionic or trace mineral supplements are the easiest to absorb, and drink sea salt water at least once a day. Most Americans have low stomach acid and digestive problems, so most of us aren’t going to be able to break down a pill or vitamin. Make sure it’s in a liquid or “sublingual” form. Herbal infusions taste great and are easily absorbed!
  4. microwave-ovenAvoid microwaved foods and drinks. Irradiation can cause gastro-intestinal distress and headaches, among other nasty side-effects.
  5. Take time to relax, stretch, dance or do yoga. Many migraines are stress related; as a culture we have forgotten what it means to really appreciate and nourish ourselves. Migraines are a key symptom of this missing wisdom.

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