What are the clowns doing?

I live in Greenville, SC and I first heard about the clowns that have now made national news about a week ago. Initially, I thought it was weird but didn’t give it much thought.  Later that day, I went to meditate and I was surprised to see a clown in my energy field. So I blew a rose for it (a way of neutralizing charge) and told it to tell me anything it wanted…

Remember that everything from the subconscious is streaming through our personal filters and any other programs/patterns in our space. The clowns will be serving the fears and desires of other people in different ways, just as we all serve many people in different ways with every action we take. My subconscious interprets these clowns as a manifestation of a collective societal fear:

“What if there is no authority?”

Collectively for humanity this is a big fear. “Who will keep us safe? Who will keep our children safe if there is no authority?” For some of us, this is a conscious fear, for others it is subconscious. We observe the conscious fear when we hear people say, “We must have some government, someone has to make sure nothing bad happens.” Or, “We don’t want people sitting around just doing drugs all day.” Absolute truth (which is Source) is ALWAYS true, and it is true in ALL circumstances; whereas, subjective truth includes just about everything! Governments have not always existed and people don’t sit around and do drugs all day, regardless of legality.

Luckily for us, or not, the laws of the Universe are not consistent with authority (other than self-authority), and as long as the appearance, or illusion, of external authority exists, conflict and fear will also exist.

You see, external authority could only be sustainable if someone other than our own mind dictated what happens! We each create our own reality and to the extent our thoughts and beliefs match up, we co-create similar things and circumstances. This is proven by the Observer Effect in quantum physics. The problem is, most people don’t know what’s in their subconscious and their subconscious is what’s driving their experience.

If we don’t know where the driver of our car is going, we may not like where we end up!

When something like a thought (which is just mental energy) collects enough weight or energy in the “sky” of thought-forms, it rains down into the physical world. For this collective fear “what if there is no authority” that means manifesting as terrorism (terrorism according to my subconscious is also a manifestation of this collective fear) and now, even closer to home, these clowns. Terrorism may play out more in the root chakra (survival oriented), whereas the clowns may be in the sacral chakra (children and creativity). Of course, there are many other physical manifestations of this fear as well: most governments, laws, and hierarchal systems, to name a few.

Until we collectively deal with this fearful thought-form, more and more physical manifestations will appear so we are forced to look at it. This is our way, and Source’s way, of ensuring everything returns to Source in the end.

As an individual, as a society, and as a planet, we can only evolve so far before we must return to Source; because, after all, Source is all there is.

Interestingly, in tarot, the clown would be the fool card. The fool represents the number 0 and infinite potential…basically, it is the journey of each of us from spirit to earth and back to spirit…a journey of our own choosing.  Perhaps, like everything else in life, the clowns are what we want them to be. (Even if those wants are subconscious).

3 thoughts on “What are the clowns doing?

  1. I love this Katie! It’s a thought-provoking post. On a side note, I have a friend in his eighties now who wrote a book years ago on the 4 archetypes needed in any organization. One was the clown and one was the shaman. He says I’m a combination of both. His definition of the clown is this: They are the ones who tell the truth when It’s not PC to do so. They are the ones who call people, even bosses on their stuff and help create change, somehow getting away with saying and doing what others cannot. Thanks again for your insight. -Raven


  2. Thanks Katie for posting this! It’s pretty complex and creates new thought streams. I find myself looking to the 3D clowns to see how they are mirroring this to us.


  3. So very interesting Katie. It’s funny how many have a fear of clowns from childhood. Perhaps there is a correlation since the clown represents the journey from spirit into the physical and back again. Change can be scary especially when we resist.


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