Fast, easy, natural weight loss that stays off!

I remember looking in the mirror before that summer of 2010 and dreading the thought of having to wear a swimsuit, let alone a bikini. I had tried low-calorie diets and exercise to lose weight, but no matter what I seemed to do, I still looked puffy and I didn’t lose any weight. I didn’t feel sexy – I felt frustrated.

Later that summer, when I set out to find equilibrium health, weight-loss found me.

I wasn’t even trying to lose weight, but by giving my body the nutrients it was starving for and the time to rebuild, I shed pounds and inches virtually overnight. I recovered from nutritional bankruptcy, and  I didn’t look puffy anymore (by the way, that puffiness is inflammation). Within a week of juice fasting, I had dropped from a size 10 to a size 6 (so two full clothing sizes). And within another month of eating and cleansing according to what is now the Equilibrium Diet, I had dropped to a size 2. Within 6 months, I was a size 0. (I had never been a size 2 or 0 in my entire life). Yet it happened effortlessly, because my body was allowed to return to its natural state of wellness. I never felt restricted or hungry, because on the Equilibrium Diet you are eating wholesome satisfying foods at the correct time of day.

Not only did I lose weight, I felt great – I was healthier than I’d ever been, and I began to really love and appreciate my body. My poor body had been doing the best it could with the crap I was feeding it!

Weight-loss is primarily an emotional and self-worth issue (as are most health problems). As long as we commit to ourselves that we are worth the best inputs and processes possible on planet Earth, and feed ourselves like the Lamborghinis’ we are, all of those patterns of low self-worth melt away, leaving us clear in ourselves. Following the Equilibrium Diet sets an extremely high standard for the body, because of this, everything that can’t match that high vibration is forced to purge from the physical body. Weight-loss, self-worth  and health follow suit.

Six years and two kids later, I am not a size 0 anymore, and that doesn’t bother me, because I am still feeding my body the absolute best inputs that I can by continuing to follow the Equilibrium Diet. I feel better today than I have at any point during the last six years, because I keep getting healthier and healthier – clearer and clearer.


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