How I Beat Chronic Fatigue Naturally in less than 3 months

          In 2010, I’d lived with chronic fatigue for over two years, my husband had lived with prostatitis for almost 5 years. I was sleeping 12 hours a night, taking a 2 hour nap during the day, and I still never felt rested. It seemed like I woke up just as tired as when I went to bed. After two years, it was beginning to get depressing – I was just SO tired all the time. Back then I was in my early 20’s and they weren’t exactly roaring, if I were a car, I’d probably have been some 1970’s slow-moving clunker.
         And I know I wasn’t the only one, I know countless women with “Hashimotos” (thyroid imbalances) suffering the same levels of exhaustion. This is an exhaustion that people can’t comprehend unless they have personally experienced it! 
          Today, exactly six years later, we have two energetic toddlers and my husband and I are both healthier and more rested than we were six years ago. Actually, today we are healthier than we have been in our entire lives. Even better, our kids are healthy!
          So what changed?
          Well, in 2010, I discovered we both had stage 4 candida (or candida overgrowth). And I learned that candida can be the underlying critter behind chronic fatigue. Back then, the medical community didn’t recognize systemic candida and offered zero help for chronic fatigue. I knew we were going to be on our own and so I decided to take control of my own health; I decided to become the expert of my body. 
          As an economist, I began searching for an equilibrium way of eating that would maintain health for a lifetime. Conservation of matter ensures that an equilibrium state will ALWAYS be achieved, I just needed to find the most efficient mix of inputs and processes to ensure a “first best outcome”. I was done with the sub-optimal way of feeling and living I had experienced the last decade, and I was ready for something better, I just didn’t know what it was yet! 
          Over the next several months, and then years, I researched primitive diets and the science of digestion. I combined what I learned with one part common sense, and one part trial and error and before I knew it, I had created The Equilibrium Diet and it really was (and is) a way of eating to maintain health for a LIFETIME for everyone (because it is flexible). The Equilibrium Diet is like a super-efficient version of Paleo, ancestral, anti-candida, and vegetarian diets. It combines superfoods and the TIMING of when certain foods are eaten. This timing is essential and determines whether your liver is happy or stressed.
          Many chronic fatigue sufferers are told that it isn’t curable- that they are going to have to live with it, to just try to “minimize the symptoms”. 
          This is not true; chronic fatigue is simply a symptom that the body is out of balance. 
          Vitality is our birthright – each and every one of us. Our bodies simply do the best they can with the inputs and resources they are given. I never set out to eradicate chronic fatigue (or anything else for that matter), I set out to find absolute health, knowing that in the face of absolute health, all “diseases” (or signs of imbalance) would simply fall away. And that’s exactly what happened.
          I began in August of 2010 with a symptoms and diseases list almost 1 page long. Two years later, every single complaint I’d ever had were gone…they simply fell away as my body returned to its natural state: vitality.
          So, what did I do?
  1. I ate according to the Equilibrium Diet and I did all the cleanses that go along with it. (The cleanses are important because chronic fatigue is typically a symptom of systemic toxicity). It took only days to feel better, about a month to feel amazing and get my energy back, and then several more months to allow all the critters feeding off the old waste to naturally die off.
  2. After 90 days of efficient eating, I began herbal supplements to cleanse and rebuild at the cellular level. The absolute best blends that I still use today come from Systemic Formulas. I took Tai Ra Chi, FungDX, ViVi, Bactrex, ENZee (anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and super powered enzymes to eat through the tough critter cell walls, respectively) in various combinations for another 90 days. These are synergistic combinations of strong herbs like pau D’arco, poke, black carrot, goldenseal and others.
  3. I supplemented with Lugol’s Iodine. A suppressed immune system is usually related to the thyroid and if you’ve been drinking tap water with chlorine and fluoride like I had been, your thyroid could be seriously lacking iodine. I took about 12 mg worth a day and drank only pure filtered or spring water.
  4. I aimed to be asleep before 10pm to ensure my adrenals weren’t taxed with cortisol production. This is REALLY important because for people with chronic fatigue there seems to be an underlying belief system that promotes them exhausting themselves. I began to see that I carried this pattern of “any energy I have, I use. I don’t store anything for myself or a rainy day” and this kept me totally depleted. To break this pattern, treat going to bed like any other vitally important appointment. It doesn’t matter WHAT is going on, you get your butt in the bed by 9:45pm and being late is NOT an option. Once I forced myself to do this and broke the pattern, I felt SO much better and I noticed (months later) that when I did stay up past 10pm, I was just tired the next day. My adrenals were basically like, “yeah, we don’t do that anymore, we just won’t make cortisol past 9:30pm” and that’s a great thing because that means more melatonin for deeper sleep and more oxytocin/testosterone for happiness (in women/men, respectively).
  5. I periodically did yoga. This ensures the pathways of elimination remain clear and open to allow all the bad stuff to leave the body. Acupuncture would also work for this.
 That’s it! Not surprisingly, health isn’t hard, it’s actually pretty easy! After three months of efficient eating on the Equilibrium Diet and the absolute best herbs, my chronic fatigue was GONE and that was six years ago. I continue to eat according to the Equilibrium Diet to this day, because when I don’t follow it, I don’t feel as good! I have developed so much respect for myself simply by respecting my body enough to give it the best. I continue to treat my body like the amazing gift and asset it really is – no cheap grade-87 ethanol laden gas for this Bentley! 
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