How I beat candida naturally in less than 6 months

          In 2010, I’d lived with chronic fatigue for over two years, my husband had lived with prostatitis for almost 5 years. We both were on antibiotics twice a year for “sinus infections” and we survived on sugar, wheat and caffeine. Back then, we were two former Division I college athletes in our early 20’s, and yet we were tired, run down, and getting sick all the time.
          Today, exactly six years later, we have two energetic toddlers and we are both healthier and more rested than we were six years ago. Actually, today we are healthier than we have been in our entire lives. We have not been on antibiotics since 2010 and we haven’t been sick in years! Even better, our kids are healthy! They have never had an ear infection, actually they’ve never had an infection of any kind and I could count on one hand the number of times either child just “hasn’t felt well”.
          To summarize, my husband and I went from sick and tired all the time, to having two children and feeling great. So what changed?   
          Well, in 2010, I discovered we both had full-blown, stage 4 candida (or candida overgrowth). Stage 4 means the yeast is systemic throughout the body – it is in the organs. (YUCK!) Back then, the medical community didn’t recognize systemic candida for anyone but AIDs patients. I knew we were going to be on our own, and so we decided to take control of our own health; we decided to become the experts of our own bodies and allow our bodies to return to the equilibrium state of health in which they naturally reside.
          Some people believe candida is a lifelong battle, that it isn’t curable. That’s not true. We didn’t use Lamisil or Diflucan- absolutely no pharmaceuticals whatsoever.
Health and vitality are our birthrights. Our bodies simply do the best they can with the inputs and resources we are giving them. Unfortunately, for most of our bodies, we haven’t been giving them much to work with!
          I knew that candida had to be a symptom of some imbalance in the body – just like everything else in life, it was there for a reason and had a purpose. I never really treated candida as something that must be killed off or purged; it was more like an understanding that as I nudged the body back towards health, the candida would just fall away. And that’s exactly what happened.
          We started the Equilibrium Diet and all the cleanses that go along with it. (The cleanses are important because candida typically exist to protect the body from heavy metals and environmental toxins). It took only days to feel better, about a month to feel amazing and get our energy back, and then several more months to allow the candida to naturally die off.
          We never looked back and have continued to push the bounds of how much vitality the body can hold! The Equilibrium Diet became the most efficient way of eating on the planet. People who eat like this achieve levels of health our grandparents couldn’t even imagine: cholesterol drops, blood pressure stabilizes, hypoglycemia disappears, lifelong rashes disappear, sinus infections disappear, allergies disappear, chronic fatigue disappears, gallbladder malfunction stops, and weight-loss occurs effortlessly.
          The Equilibrium Diet is like a super-efficient version of Paleo, ancestral, anti-candida, and vegetarian diets. It combines superfoods (which are not what you think, no goji berry and cacao here) and the TIMING of when certain foods are eaten. This timing is essential and determines whether your liver is happy or stressed.
Here is exactly what we did:
1. We ate according to the Equilibrium Diet and did all of the cleanses for the first 90 days. So three months were devoted entirely to a sugar-free efficient diet and cleanses like the heavy metal cleanse, parasite cleanse, and liver flushes.
2. After 90 days of efficient eating a lot of candida has died off but you do need to dig the pattern out. We did this with blended herbs and the absolute best are Systemic Formulas. We took Tai Ra Chi, FungDX, ViVi, Bactrex, EnZee (anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and super powered enzymes to eat through the tough candida cell walls, respectively) in various combinations for another 90 days. 
3. We aimed to be asleep before 10pm to ensure the adrenals weren’t taxed with cortisol production.
4. We periodically did yoga. This ensures the pathways of elimination remain clear and open to allow all the bad stuff to leave the body.
That’s it! Health is easy! After six months of efficient eating on the Equilibrium Diet, and three months of the absolute best herbs I have seen on the market, we were candida-free and feeling great! We continue to eat according to the Equilibrium Diet to this day because when we don’t follow it, we don’t feel as good!
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