Are you Nutritionally Bankrupt? I was…

Nutritional Bankruptcy occurs when the costs of operating the body and digestive processes exceeds the nutrients derived from foods consumed for extended periods of time.

          I was an economist surviving through life on sugar, fast food and caffeine in 2010. My husband got really sick and everything changed. I discovered we were both nutritionally bankrupt and that each of us is totally and 100% responsible for our own health.
          My husband and I inched our way out of nutritional bankruptcy over the next several years and we learned a TON and realized that health – vitality – is our natural state as living beings. That being said, the #1 way you can reclaim the vitality that is your birthright is through diet. Think about it, it HAS to be through diet, because diet is how we get the nutrients we need into our bodies. Not just any diet, but what I call the Equilibrium Diet. A way of eating that yields optimum health for a lifetime – and more, given a lifetime is only 85ish years these days.

Here’s the deal, I’m an economist, so I set out to find the absolute most efficient way of eating possible. We’ve all heard the expression “there’s no free lunch” and in this case it’s not an expression, literally there is no free lunch. Because anything you eat, costs you energy/minerals and nutrients to digest.

          This means that if you eat a meal or snack low in nutrients like processed foods or white bread or sugar, you are actually stripping your body of resources to digest those products.

So you feel full yes, because you have filled the mass of your stomach, but you haven’t given yourself any actual nutrients. This is why you are hungry 2 hours, even 1 hour later. Your belly isn’t full anymore and there weren’t any nutrients to actually use to fuel you! The return on your digestive investment did NOT yield a positive return; in fact, for most American’s, this return is usually negative.

Which is why, if you have consumed even small amounts of sugar, processed foods, fast foods and refined products in your life, you are most likely nutritionally bankrupt.

          The equivalent would be like a business constantly selling its product at below its cost of production.

Yes, the product is probably selling quickly (the food is really easy to eat), but the more you sell, the more you are bleeding yourself dry, and headed into financial or nutritional bankruptcy.  Most Americans are in a constant state of nutritional bankruptcy. Consider this blog your nutritional bankruptcy court, this is where you get a second chance to turn things around and establish nutritional solvency.
          I would love to draw you some supply and demand graphs here but to keep it simple, the 4 ways to get out of nutritional bankruptcy are all parts of the Equilibrium Diet:
  1. Stop spending nutritional cash- you are hemorrhaging! This means no more processed foods, refined flours, cereals, sugar, soft drinks, diet soft drinks, fast food. The number 1 thing to avoid is all sugar, if its not from fruit, don’t eat it. Eliminate all chemicals and processed and fast foods. And finally, eliminate wheat and dairy (all pasteurized cows’ dairy with the exception of butter and ghee). This can be done all at once, or in stages with sugar being the first to go.
  2. Eat foods that yield a positive nutritional return. This means you get more nutrients out of them than it takes you to digest them.
  3. Time your food intake to maximize absorption (i.e. reduce the cost of digestion to a minimum). This means eating proteins before 2pm and not after. And eating fruits and carbs after 2pm and not before.
  4. Clean your internal organs, especially your liver.
          Everything in the Equilibrium Diet, focuses on getting the biggest bang for our nutritional buck. Given digestion is going to cost us a fixed amount in digestive nutrients we want to maximize our return on investment. We maximize our return by eating superfoods and by eating the correct food groups at the correct time of day.
          I want to be crystal clear, both of these are equally important in reaching equilibrium health. You can just eat super foods and eat them with no regard for timing and your liver will NEVER get a chance to go clean old debris. Your health will plateau prematurely. OR you can eat standard American foods but alter your timing to account for the liver’s schedule and your health will improve, but the nutrient density of your current diet will not be enough to catapult you to unfathomable levels of wellness. It takes BOTH, they are two sides of the same coin, and without one, you cut yourself short.
          Want more? You can follow this blog or see for recipe ideas.

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