What Happens on the World’s Most Efficient Diet?

So what happens? What happens when you eat in a way that leaves Paleo, vegan, and raw lifestyles in the dust? What happens when you eat in the most efficient way possible for almost six years? Imagine who you could be after six years of gradually shedding sugar, wheat/gluten, pasteurized dairy, alcohol, microwaves, preservatives and chemicals? Most of us can’t even imagine what this would be like—what this would look like. I couldn’t fathom it six years ago myself—I had no idea what we were in for when I began unintentionally creating the Equilibrium Diet, I just knew an equilibrium way of eating had to exist.

Oh yeah, did I mention I was an atheist back in 2010? And that I had been an atheist my entire life?

When we get healthy, when we decide we are worth the investment of the highest quality lifestyle on the planet, shit changes really fast. I got physically healthy. Over those first six years I detoxed all the candida, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, seasonal allergies and sinus infections, and I eliminated every single health issue I had ever had and felt GREAT while doing it. (Granted there were a few rough patches of detox but in general I had more energy, a stronger immune system, and was way happier than EVER before). I had a very sudden spiritual awakening; I guess you could say I detoxed the atheist too! When you get healthy, it is just the natural state of things, there is no stopping it! And I then had to learn all about surviving and managing the world as an “empath”— and we are all empaths to some extent; some of us are more open to the idea than others but we are ALL empaths.

And so for a while, even though I was physically very healthy, I struggled to survive in the world as an empath. As I physically became healthier and healthier, I moved from feeling people’s physical ailments, to feeling their emotions, and then to feeling their subconscious brain and all the patterns and programs that run their lives. And finally, I learned to thrive not just physically, but as an empath too.

So what happens when you eat in the most efficient way possible for almost six years? Well, I’m sure others will progress MUCH more quickly than I did but I was a guinea pig so I’ll tell you what I experienced…

  1. I got physically healthy and overcame every single health issue I’d ever had: chronic fatigue, hashimotos thyroiditis, seasonal allergies, asthma, hypoglycemia, candida overgrowth, bi-annual sinus infections, excess weight and depression. Every single one of these issues disappeared.
  2. I released ALL fear of all illnesses. What would it be like to never be afraid of getting sick—cancer, Zika, Alzheimer’s, HIV, or anything ever again? I see people struggling with “diseases” or afraid of them and it just reinforces how far I have come and how much I have really let go of…I released a lot of fear in general!
  3. I remembered what I was here on Earth to do.
  4. I remembered exactly who and what I was. I remembered mine, and everyone’s Source.

And it didn’t take six years to do all of that—it actually only took about 5 months for the really physical stuff and less than a year for all the spiritual stuff. (Granted, it took about five years to truly integrate the emotional and spiritual bodies, but I was working on my own using trial and error).

It really took about three months, three months to set the pattern to ensure that I would never return to my Standard American lifestyle ever again. It took three months to wake up and realize who I was and what I was here to do.

So what happens when we eat according to the world’s most efficient diet? I don’t know for sure, but I can’t wait to find out because that is when AMAZING things started happening in my life.

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